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Not everything in this world is easy, but every time we walk through a difficult path, we come out the other end with a new power gained. Now we can cross this difficult path, the next time we come across it. Life is filled with opportunities and each opportunity poses us with multiple choices. If we have fought our way through the tough choices, we gain more power to face more tough opportunities. If we shy away from the tough choices our power remains stagnant and the opportunities we get to face will only be up to the path we have walked so far.

We have the free will to gain power, remain stagnated or lose power. The road to both hell and heaven are always open to everyone. But those roads have a toll. The rules are simple as gravity. It is easy to go down and it is hard to go up. So to walk up the stairs to heaven, one must have the strength or power in them to lift their feet through the exponentially increasing gravity of each step in that staircase. This power is gained by facing the toughest decisions in life everyday and doing our best to overcome those tough decisions and being ready to climb through the exponentially increasing toughness and exploring all that the world has to offer :)

So apparently each step to heaven and hell have their own difficulty level that one can withstand to be there. I don't know what will be there in those each steps, but I can tell this, the person with the will to face gravity in each step gets to be in that step, other wise they have to take a step down until they can be in that step. Simple right? Rules of heaven and hell.

So the moral of the story is to keep on playing that video game and not give up.


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95 Points

You Played Yourself 5 Points

Send yourself to jail.

King of the Bouncy Castle 10 Points

Bounce on the cops 5 or more times in a row while they're exploding.

Crime Fighter Fighter 5 Points

Defeat the cops for the first time.

You're Too Unquickly 5 Points

Get caught.

Level 11 10 Points

Complete level 11

Level 10 5 Points

Complete level 10

Level 9 10 Points

Complete level 9

Level 8 10 Points

Complete level 8

Level 7 5 Points

Complete level 7

Level 6 5 Points

Complete level 6