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Haha, thats nice. Something like a kids show intro. Really cute characters.

Ahh the horror..!!!

nice animation :)

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This collage makes me so happy. Its good to see a lot of different art styles by artists who are super talented. This collage is really beautifull :)
Thanks for making this people!!

Nice game, I saved the bunny :)

There is a bug, if you jump on a heart, you don't get an extra life. But other than that a nice game :)

nyunesu responds:

Thanks for the feedback (:

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When do you guys go live? I would like to attend it next time.

TheDyingSun responds:

We'll have to grab the discord link for ya! It's a weekly thing on Saturdays

Wow, that was actually nice to hear from the person who coded new grounds and know about how he feels about things that are going on and what his thoughts are on the things that's going on. I thought NG had a mobile app and I wasn't the one using it, but I get that there wasn't one to begin with because I couldn't fund it (haha ..). This episode was good as your other episodes.

Wow, blam is going away..? It is cool though. The cool thing about blam, is how you feel after being blammed. I got blammed the first time I uploaded my animated video. Me being blammed at that time, just made me realize how special new grounds was from other sites. You can't upload, just something really bad here like you can in youtube or deviant art.

I got feedback that day, I don't get such feedback in youtube or Deviantart if I upload something bad.

Hahaha, wow this is the best roast NG can get :)

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Cool design. Really dig the stone hand there 🙂

FROGWORD responds:

ty bb, first time drawing like this. Glad you like it!

Its really nice :) Good pixel art skills !!

Love the colors used, looks good.

Zaccura responds:

Thank you! <3

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