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123survesh's News

Posted by 123survesh - November 4th, 2020

Hey this is a post to test double or triple comments. I found this bug where if you double tap on the post comment button, it submits two or three comments. Try it out in a computer. It doesnt work on phones.

Posted by 123survesh - September 11th, 2020

Masala Dosas are really tasty. They are my favourite. Its the only thing that I get when I go to a restaurant. For those who are not in South India, well the thing is good Masala Dosa can't be found in a name brand hotel. Those hotel serve food made with acid, that tastes good for the first ten minutes. If you want a good masala dosa, you should most likely find a hotel without air conditioning and without a parking space. And the dosa can't cost most than 60 or 70 rupees (almost 1$).

You know the filling in the dosa is an important part, the best one's bring the innate sweetness of the potatoes out and have big lumps of soft potatoes that you get bite and eat.

Ahh, those were the days. I could ask my mom to make me some but she is worse or in the same level as the name brand hotels. She for some reason takes a liking to spicing up our food and put about 10 to 12 long green chillies in the Dosa filling when she prepares them.


Posted by 123survesh - August 31st, 2020

Once upon a time there lived a guy. Everybody mocked him as he was suffering from a mental disorder. He was born in a rural area and they did not have enough resources to diagnose his condition. Given all that, he was supported and loved very much by his family, even though he made their lives hard and harder everyday. His mother and his grandmother made him feel so special that he grew up never seeing his own flaws. The kid had savant syndrome, that meant that he couldn't understand the normal social conventions. But that also gave him the abilities to remember and process information at a very superior level.

Though he would later on in his life do extraordinary things, his biggest achievement was finding people who wold love him for who he was and him learning to let them be in his life.

This is a sad and sappy draft of Sheldon's story in The Big Bang Theory, but I guess this draft is how it might have been if it happened in real life, all serious.

Posted by 123survesh - July 10th, 2020

The first animation that I posted here was blammed. I didn't know what the portal was when I posted my first animation and it did not stay there for long. Today, I was going through the portal and found the arbituary page. Guess what I found there? Well yes, I tinkered a bit and found the arbituary of my first animation.

Well since then my animation skills have improved a bit, its not good but its somewhat watchable these days. And this first blame has had me hooked to the site ever since, though it did scar me for the first few weeks.




Posted by 123survesh - June 30th, 2020

Hi fellow newgrounders,

I have been publishing my comics on this platform called Webtoon Canvas for the past few weeks. The comic is called "The Adventures of Boxer Shorts Hero". Its about a boy wearing a white bannian and blue checked boxer shorts, learning to live the life of a hero with responsibilities.


If you like reading comics, you should really check this out. I publish new episodes every Sunday Nights (IST).




Posted by 123survesh - May 13th, 2020

The Big Bad Wolf Retold


Yes, I am The Big Bad Wolf. I am the most terrible bad and evil guy who gobbles up old grannies and tries to rip part wittle girlies. I did try to do that, but I did not succeed doing it. Bah! I am disgrace to all villains if you ask me. Well this time, I am telling this story and you will all know what exactly happened all those years ago.

Long time ago, in the deep woods, a handsome young dashing fellow was born and two people became dad and mom. The three of them made a happy little family. The dad would go for long periods of time, searching for food in the forests and come back home late in the evening. Mom would be doing her housely chores all day. Since the family lived all alone, there was no one to play with the young boy. To entertain him, his mom would dress up as warriors and knights and tell him stories all day. She taught him how to create masks, talk in funny voices and sing jolly good songs. For the little boy, his life was filled with joy and happiness.

But soon misfortune would befall them for one day, his mom fell sick. Father didn't know what to do. He asked the boy to take care of his mom while he would go find some medicine in the woods. The boy didn't know what to do, for he had not seen his mom like this before. But he knew his mom was hurting and he helped his mom do the house chores and took care of her like she was his child. That night father came home, with the medicine but, he

was bleeding heavily.

Then suddenly a huge man entered the house with a big axe. He killed the father with his axe, grinning like a maniac at the frightened mom and kid. The mom threw the young pup away and sacrificed herself to protect him. The young boy's world was taken away from him that night. It was a full moon night that day. His mom liked full moons. She would howl joyous tunes on seeing the full moon. The young boy cried himself to sleep that night.

As the young pup grew up, he learned about his family heritage. His clan was known for their beautiful red fur and the tribe of two legged animals called humans liked to collect their skin to cover themselves up. They would skin the wolves of their fur and make coats for themselves and wear them with pride. They called themselves the Red Riding Hoods.

The young pup was appalled by the sick nature of these two legged humans. He wanted to seek revenge for his parents and his clan, for he was last one who was not yet killed by the humans for his fur. You all know what happened after this.

The young girl sure did tell a good story, she sure did not miss out on my funny quirks and jolly imitations of her granny. I could have killed them both that day. The thing was, when I opened my mouth and I saw the frightened look on the little red riding hood. She reminded me of my mom before she was killed and I was the maniac this time. So I just howled and sat there on the old Grannied bed.

As the story continues, a brave man came to her call right, that brave man, was my Big Bad Wolf. I spat out the granny, she tasted awfull and smelled funny anyways. The brave man took me down to the woods to skin me and sell my skin. I just killed him, just like he killed my family. Obviously I peed on his dead carcus and howled ater that for a few hours tilled I passed out. I said good bye to that rusty old forest after all those years and travelled the world, found a new tribe of wolves deep in the forests of a super cold mountain.

Story Rewrite by Survesh :)


Posted by 123survesh - April 29th, 2020

My Pixar List


Its common knowledge among us humans, everybody has their own list of PIXAR films that they love and they hate. Here is my list of PIXAR films that I love to my heart and the ones not so much.

Like to my heart


* Finding Nemo

* Toy story

* Monsters Inc

* The Incredibles

* Toy Story 2

* Ratatouille

* Monsters University

* Onward

Ones Not so much (These are great films, but I just did not feel a spark when I watched them)


* A Bug's Life

* Cars 1

* Wall E

* Up

* Toy Story 3

* Brave

* Inside Out

* The Good Dinosaur

* CoCo

But I liked these films any ways and if I got to watch any of the above films again, I would watch them with full interest.

Here is a list of movies that I think were just made, because of some weird reasons. I don't know. These are the ones that I feel are the most dry to earth films that came out of PIXAR.

* Cars 2

* Cars 3

* Toy story 4

* Finding Dory

* Incredibles 2

Well that's just my list.

Posted by 123survesh - March 28th, 2020

Hi fellow Newgrounds people,

A game that I worked on is out live. Its in this app called "MX Player". Some of you might have used it to watch videos in smart phones with it. Well now they have games in their app as well. The game is called "Rampage Road", please do check it out, if you can. I would love to hear your feedback on it. :)


Some backstory about me and my experiences building the game,

I started out as an intern for a gaming company in my home town and my first big project was to port their vertical car shooter game to HTML5. We started making the game first with Pixi.js and Box2d. Afterwards due to aliasing issues with Pixi.js, we moved to Phaser3. Well with Phaser3 a lot of things changed and the game was easy to code.

The major issues that we faced with this game were that of getting a steady 30 FPS in old phones and a major stuttering of game objects as the moved downwards. I was able to reduce the stutter of the game objects by moving them manually instead of with physics and setting the min and max FPS properties in Phaser Arcade physics settings. To achieve better FPS we texture packed our art assets, reduced the creation of audio instances within the game and Math.Rounded a lot of floating point values.


Posted by 123survesh - August 23rd, 2019

I made a game for Wickeditor game jam called Find the Alien. Not many understood how to play the game because, that was my first game and I just made in a mechanical way I guess. But I won seventh place, and the people at Wick HQ decided to send me tshirt and stickers.

The tshirt is heavy duty and is just the way I like my tshirts. And the sticker art is beautifull as well. I stuck some on my laptop, tablet and my mom' phone. She liked it as well.


Thanks people at wick for sending me the goodies!!! (@luxapodular)

Check the editor out here: https://www.wickeditor.com/#/

Link to my game, if you are brave enough to figure it out:



Posted by 123survesh - July 1st, 2019

Hello fellow new grounders,

I am streaming my game dev for the Wick game jam in twitch. Feel free to drop by and type some names for the in game characters. See you there. I am streaming right now.



Update: I streamed for an hour and ended the stream. I am hoping to cover all my game dev process for the game, from coding the game to brain storming the game characters and drawing them out.

My game is going to be a point and click kind of game, its pretty simple and yet I am struggling to get some code in. Haha.

I will figure out things on the go. Do join me on twitch and say hi if you come by.